Best Examples For Attracting New Customers


Your biggest fear might be finding new customers and keeping them long-term. What are our coaches' tried-and-truemethods? How have they attracted their ideal clients? Here we offer you a list of possible (and successful) ways to attract new clients. Good luck and tell us which ones work out for you!

  • Free assessment and consultations
    Through one free session you can get to know each other, discover what the key issues are that your potential client would like to work on, and set a goal with them. By doing so, you demonstrate your expertise. Although it's free, the session will be of utmost importance for you in converting potential clients into new ones.

  • Using useful content for new contacts
    One very efficient marketing strategy for attracting new clients is sharing useful content for free. In return, clients will provide you with their contact information: name, last name, or whatever it is that you need. The content may consist of free guidance (how-to's), coaching sessions, tips, tools for time management or setting life goals, and so on. By offering something, you acquire a potential client that you will later maintain. It's the same as with flowers: if you don’t nurture them, they will wither. You should serve them by continuously posting material free of charge which always contains a call-to-action (such as a request that the potential client make contact with you, fill in an application, make an appointment for an initial session, etc.).

  • Live events and broadcasts
    Facebook offers a fantastic service: live streaming! Use this opportunity to the fullest: be practical, accurate and concise. Be an expert in those few minutes: show yourself and your knowledge, and you will get noticed.

  • Price categories
    Offer different prices to different people. If you are a life coach, you are not going to charge the same price for your session to a student and a company manager. You should also take two additional factors into consideration: the urgency of the client's situation and their investment so far. If a person has a problem that they have already tried to solve with no success, then they will accept a higher price and vice versa. You'll keep your clients in the long term if you do them a favor at the beginning and show you care about them. Then it won't be a problem for them to pay more for your services at a later date.

  • Networking
    Workshops, events, other companies' networking events – all of these are where you can offer your services. It's up to you to write your own story.

  • Using personal contacts
    Friends, family, former and current colleagues – all of them can help you by recommending you to potential clients. If you use your personal contacts, always explain to them what you want them to do (sharing on Facebook or LinkedIn, for example: provide them with a description and a picture/link; contacting their close friends and colleagues: provide email content; etc.). You don't want them to do promotion for you on their own, since they might do something wrong.

  • Paying for an ad
    One of the most effective methods for finding clients and establishing communication with them is promotion. There are a lot of different ways to promote yourself, both offline and online. You can pay for ads on social media, appear on a TV or radio show, or even have a column in the newspaper. All of these are quick and easy marketing activities with access to a large number of potential clients.

  • Write a blog
    If you manage a blog which covers all the latest events in coaching, you will be recognized as relevant in your field. You can write about your experience and share your knowledge as well as any tools that may be useful to readers. As mentioned before: offer your clients added value.

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