Characteristics of a Coach – Do You Recognize Yourself?


What makes a perfect coach? What are those personal characteristics and skills that separate an average coach from a top-notch one? Is it the flow and structure of a session or a coach’s inner qualities; a technique or the art of coaching? We are sure that there is no such thing as one specific key characteristic that makes a perfect coach. What the best coaches have in common is the fact that they believe in themselves, they don’t underestimate themselves, they know how to spark a change and achieve results. To put it simply – they know how to do their job effectively.

If you interact with various coaches, you will notice four key characteristics that differentiate top coaches from ordinary ones:

  • They really want to help their clients.
  • They have very high personal standards and ambitions.
  • They had been through coaching training that is in accordance with the highest international coaching standards.
  • They have a high level of self-awareness and an eagerness to pursue further professional improvement.

Of course, we can always highlight other important characteristics that describe great coaches:

  • High level of emotional intelligence
  • Ability to see the big picture while focusing on important details
  • Supreme communication skills
  • High amount of consideration, care and respect for clients
  • Imagination, intuition, curiosity
  • Creativity, innovation, eagerness to continuously learn and explore new coaching methodologies
  • Quick learning with high level of dedication
  • Humbleness and openness to differences
  • Understanding coaching as a profession for lifetime
  • Understanding coaching as a two-way exchange of energy and learning

To what extent do you recognize these characteristics as yours? Do you have the personality of a great coach? A lot of these characteristics can be developed through high-quality training such as “The Art and Science of Coaching”. Find out more about our training program at following link: