Choose Your Niche Differently


In our previous blogs we explained how to choose your coaching niche. If you're not sure what the right path for you and your business is, we have another, and perhaps for some, better way of determining your future niche.


The trouble-free niche

The niche comprised of clients that can be easily attracted and that profit faster than others. We can call it a "trouble-free niche", since it requires neither too big a commitment, a lot of marketing nor a lot of money. This niche actually reflects your experience and expertise (your knowledge and the contacts you've acquired through your professional development). Once you get into the coaching business, you will be known as an expert from the start (due to your previous experience and position) with no need for you to build or prove your expertise from the start. What area are you an expert in? How can you contribute to others with your experience? Your expertise may be in Marketing, PR, Finance, Legal Affairs, Acquisitions, etc. Your career and previous contacts will determine your niche.

The niche you love

The niche you love is comprised of the people you really want to work with. That doesn’t have to be the exact same niche you have the professional expertise in. If you are passionate about a certain niche and have a great desire to help people who have the same problems you once struggled with, it will be much easier for you to connect with them and to know the exact way for them to get out of that problem. Working in the niche you love, you'll have greater motivation to help others fulfill their dreams. For example, if you've already been in a long relationship or marriage, you can coach people who have problems with emotional attachment or commitment. It is that exact experience that helps you understand them better: you'll understand their challenges and fears. That is why you'll fully believe in the following sentence: ‘’If I can do it, so can you!’’. Believing in your client and their potential is the very first step on the road to success.

Both types of niche can become very successful businesses. If to you, these two niches are one and the same, even better! If you're a marketing expert and you've been drawn to leadership your whole life, combine these two: coach marketing managers/directors that want to develop and improve their marketing teams.

Already got an idea of what your niche is? If you're not sure, that’s perfectly fine. Keep in mind that this is an important step, and take time to determine your path. Once you find yourself in a safe environment where you're alone and you have enough time to think, unleash your imagination and determine what people inspire you and what people you want to dedicate your time and attention to. Questions that might guide you are:

  • In what setting are you coaching?
  • What do your clients look like?
  • What are they talking about with you?
  • What does your gut tell you: who are these people really?
  • How do they act and how many of them are there?

Found your niche yet? If not, keep searching.