Five signs that Coaching is not for you


“You’re doing it wrong…again.”

We’ve all heard this sentence at a certain point in our lives, in a mocking tone – and quite often from the ones who think that they’re doing us a favor.

Coaching is an interesting and entertaining career through which you can help people achieve their goals and reach their highest potential, and get paid doing so. This is what attracts people to coaching – but let’s be honest for a second: although coaching may be ideal for many, it certainly isn’t for everybody.

The ones that agree with the following statements and assumptions about coaching should perhaps question their motivation to become a coach – or at least their views and assumptions about the coaching profession before they start their coach training.

  1. I want to be a coach because I am very good at advising people on what to do. They don’t hire me to ask questions – they want the answers.

    Luckily, I’m the one who has them. Coaching is not based on speaking, it’s based on listening. Before you start searching for solutions, you should understand the problem. Sometimes, the person you are working with is not clear on what is preventing their progress. The job of a coach is to listen carefully to a client in order to reach the essence of a problem, to help with defining goals and action steps necessary for their accomplishment. Your job is not to provide a unique solution prepared in advance, it is to work with your client together to find one.                                                                                                                                         
  2. A portfolio of successful projects isn’t so important.

    A good coach can work in any area. It’s true that certain techniques will be useful regardless of   whether you work with a client who has love issues or a team of engineers who seek to raise their productivity – but only to a certain extent. Experience comes as a result of expertise, and vice versa. For example, there’s a greater chance that the entrepreneur who seeks to develop his or her business will hire a coach with business-related experience. Dealing with coaching in general and not choosing  a specific area isn’t sustainable if you want to brand your business. It is necessary to find a niche in  which you truly have experience. Even if you don’t have the answers, you should be able to ask the  right questions.                                                                                                                     
  3. Coaching looks like a great opportunity. Listen to your clients, tell them what they want to hear and, eventually, they will find the solution on their own. It couldn’t be more simple.

    Absolutely not. Coaching isn’t psychotherapy. Your job is not to sit and take notes while your client talks. Coaching is the active and continuous process of listening, analyzing, strategic planning, goal setting and working towards them. Your clients will not get results if you just smile and nod.                                                                                                                                       
  4. I love to live in the moment. Meetings are boring. Planning is useless because even the best-designed plans can crumble to pieces. I love action. Let’s get a move on, make a decision and generate results!

    Good coaching takes time and analysis. There’s nothing wrong with quick victories on the path to success, but people don’t hire coaches to help them in solving problems in one day. Adequate planning eliminates quick decisions that use up clients’ time and energy.                                                  
  5. I am picky when it comes to who I work with. I disagree with the people I don’t share opinions and values with. Who needs additional stress these days?

    Once you find your niche, you will see that your clients share certain characteristics with you.       However, you will most likely still work with a very wide target group when it comes to types of personalities, cultural background and other factors. Working with different people is simply par for the course. If a client is ready to do what it takes in order to get results, that’s all you need in order  to start.

Now that you have read this, how do you feel about coaching? We are sure a lot of you are able to be a fantastic coach, so even if you have doubts about coaching, call us and ask any question you may have! We look forward to your call on +43 1 533 08 55 0 or +43 650 644 42 42.