How Do I Find My Coaching Niche?


When we asked the participants of the coach training “The Art and Science of Coaching” what coaching niche they would choose, Life Coaching came in first, followed by Business/Entrepreneurial Coaching and Executive Coaching.

What coaching niches are there?

Preferences depend only on you and your wishes, and the spectrum of all the niches to choose from is enormous. Once their training was complete, participants chose to be Happiness Coach, Student Coach, Executive Coach, Team Coach, Addiction Recovery Coach...the list goes on.

As you can see, if we try to list all of the possible areas, it would take us a lot of time and the list would have to be constantly updated. That's why we are going to introduce you to a couple of the existing and most popular niches and let you determine which one would suit you best, and for which you have all the skills required:

Personal Life Coaching

  • The coach's goal is to help people to identify and achieve personal/life goals.
  • The coach can also work with individuals to overcome problems and fears that prevent them from living the life they want.

Business Coaching

  • The focus can be on personal functional coaching or on HR function development.
  • There is a great number of even more specific niches within business coaching (Marketing, Design, Finance, CEO, Leadership, Presentation Skills, etc.)
  • The most common area is Human Resources.
  • The coach gives his client positive support, feedback and assistance at the individual and team level in order to improve effectiveness at work.

Wellness Coaching

  • The focus is on the optimization of nutrition, improvement of health, body and spirit.
  • This is a pretty wide area, even wider than business coaching, as it can go extend out to strictly defined issues such as recovery from serious illnesses.

What type of coaching interests you most? Are you a coach who has already discovered their niche, or are you still trying to find yourself? Use the niches mentioned above as springboards for finding the niche that interests you most. Stay tuned, because soon you can expect another way of determining your niche.