How much schould I charge for a coaching session?


Certified coaches in Austria charge from 100 up to 300 euros per session. You can count on starting from 80 euros per session since you are going to raise your price depending on your experience, trainings, certificates, clients, recommendations etc. The number of sessions depends on the arrangement you make with your client and it can go from one a week to once a month.

When we are talking about business coaching, additional expertise is required, so sessions are more expensive. In addition to that, the price for coaching a CEO will most certainly be higher than the price for coaching an HR manager.

In order to raise your prices, it is most recommendable for you to position yourself on the market first and enhance awareness about your brand and your business. As the time goes by, you will be able to have more clients, in addition to more experience and you will be better in what you do. If you are afraid to raise the price of your sessions, here are a few tips that might come in handy for raising the price as the time goes by.

  1. ICF Certificate
    Certification gives you international credibility in the profession that deals with the rising number of uncertified coaches. There are barely 70 ICF certified coaches in Austria. Use your chance to find your place among the best.

  2. Services
    Life coaches may consider adding business coaching to their portfolio, since business coaches charge more for their sessions.

  3. Training
    The more you develop yourself, the more confidence you will have when it comes to raising the prices of your sessions (and a valid reason for lifting the prices as well).

  4. Marketing A well structure and consistent marketing plan that you will constantly follow will help you in gaining new customers constantly.

Start building your coaching business, because it is a business you can always develop and grow. We can help you with your first step, because our training “The Art and Science of Coaching” is ICF accredited. Check out more info about our training on our website