Seven Things To Delegate For Success


As a professional coach, it might be hard for you to find time between meetings with clients, travelling and logistic planning. On top of that, there are tasks you certainly don’t enjoy and that you don’t accomplish as well as you would like. However, with all the technology available these days, you can still improve on all of the processes that support your coaching business. What is the most important thing, actually? It’s delegating tasks to others. It’s important to hire someone else to do operative and logistic activities for you.

We thus present you with a list of a few tasks and areas that you can most certainly delegate to someone else without jeopardizing the quality of your services!


Assignments that fall under administration are numerous and take up the most of your time. This means that you deal with communication tasks every day, such as answering emails or picking up the phone. Also included in this are making appointments and many other tasks that occur regularly. Luckily, these tasks are the easiest ones to delegate, so you might consider hiring a virtual assistant in order to free yourself of administrative work.


One of the key tasks that you need to delegate is your finances. Focus on your relations with clients and building up your coaching knowledge rather than stressing over chasing down late payments and checking whether invoices have been sent to your clients. Hiring someone to keep track of your finances in an organized manner will be very important when the time comes to pay taxes and/or get audited.


In order to create successful marketing campaigns and find valid programs for gaining experience, continuous research of available resources, both internal and external, is very important. Hiring someone to help you with this will bring you more detailed and thorough research. For example, you can research your competition and your clients; you can measure and analyze acquired data, etc. A researcher could also suggest new relevant areas to research, some of which you haven’t yet considered.


Of all the tasks at hand, web design and development may be the most time consuming, especially if you don’t have skills in this area. You need a web designer/developer for this (it would definitely be good to find one person able to do both) to jump in and create an excellent web site. There are many other tasks that you can delegate related to web developing (SEO, hosting, and many others), all depending on how much you are willing to pay to maintain your website.


Being present on social media means publishing your content on a weekly basis on at least a few different platforms. This also means building up your personal brand alongside the brand of your company, and, in coaching, it’s very important to take care of both of these simultaneously. Activities on social media can help you build your professional brand, connect your followers and occasionally cooperate with your marketing person in order to expand your audience.


Since marketing as an area encompasses many things, from face-to-face sales to social media, all the way to newspaper articles and TV appearances, the following question might be a tricky one for you: “What should I focus on now? How can I keep my brand consistent?” Luckily, all online and offline methods, such as print materials and event management, can be delegated to anyone via the Internet. Use those resources!


Since you are a coach, you will need print materials for all of your sessions. A copywriter can help you with writing and editing content so that it is suits various clients. A copywriter can also help you update your blog and website by regularly publishing new content, engaging your readers and writing “guest” articles on your behalf, for other blogs and web sites. You can ask them to write an e-book for you, covering your work in the area of coaching.

The realm of possibilities for delegating task is huge, and it would be good if you could use these opportunities in order to further develop your coaching business. Without hiring extra help, it’s unrealistic to expect your business to develop any time soon. Even if you don’t hire someone to perform these tasks for you, a little bit of help can mean a lot.

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