The Basics Of Online Marketing


Online marketing is the most important tools use for starting and running your coaching business, as it is crucial to positioning yourself among the competition. Coaching is not as tangible a product as others, which makes online marketing the single most effective way to develop your brand. Once all the elements are put into place and you start using them regularly, promotion of your business will run 24/7.

There are a couple of things that you should keep in mind when it comes to online marketing:

The content you communicate through online channels should relate to your customers' biggest dreams, desires, fears and challenges. Once the first client discovers your blog, they will identify with it and will naturally be attracted to the solution you offer.

Internet marketing itself is based on that natural attraction, the ‘pull’ strategy rather than the ‘push’ strategy. What does that mean? Rather than pushing people to pay for your services or come to you, being the cheapest/best/highest quality service provider, you should share useful information strategically in order to intrigue potential clients.

Internet marketing is an area that demands high expertise. Besides being a coach, you also need to be well acquainted with marketing and sales. If you have goods that you don’t put on display, they will expire or become obsolete. In other words, you'd better start learning about marketing on your own! Try managing at least some segments of your online marketing personally, because, first of all, you will know how to describe your product on your own much better than any agency, and second of all, it will cost you much less.

Nonetheless, if you start panicking when you even think about administrating a website, writing blogs or managing social media and email marketing, it would be best for you to have someone whom you will delegate at least one part of this job to. At the end of the day, the goal is that you spend at least 80 % of your time on coaching, doing the thing you love.


Make your own website. It would be best to make your website with WordPress, since it automatically reduces expenses to a minimum. In addition, once you go through the Erickson Coaching program, you get our support and advice on what to look out for while administrating website.

Always share the latest news from your website on social media (Facebook, Linked In, G+ and more). People will thus see your blog and make their way to your website. It's important that the entire content you post on your social media portals leads people directly to your website, where they can find more information about you and your services.

It is important to establish as many contacts and gather as much information about your clients as possible. One way is to offer them quality content on your website for free if they subscribe to your mailing list, providing you with their contact info. In doing so, you create a potential client base. Your gift to them may be an article, blog (‘’Top 10 ways to… ‘’, that kind of thing), self-assessment tools (‘’Advice from Marilyn Atkinson on reaching your goals: the steps’’) or anything that your future client might see as an added value that they can’t get anywhere but from your company.

Advice, newsletters, videos, blogs, or a mix – develop your own system for communicating with your target group. Consistently keep to the system you've established and get your audience used to it. For managing online marketing and marketing campaigns you should have a long term strategy and an additional plan. Sharing something on social media for no apparent reason can also have a negative effect on your potential clients: if you stop being interesting, they will turn to a different coach that will offer them the added value they're seeking.

Choose three or four different social media networks to be present on. Facebook and LinkedIn/Xing are mandatory; you can also choose Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and G+. It would be easiest for you to focus on three networks and to give your all to managing them. Once you expand your business and your marketing team, you will expand to other networks as well.

One of the keys to maintaining constant contact with your potential and current clients is quality email marketing. The term "lead nurturing’’ has recently emerged: it is also your task to nurture your clients through a concrete automated campaign and to keep them constantly motivated to make further purchases. Try to keep your email campaigns well-planned. Don't neglect your customers: this is the perfect opportunity for you to maintain contact for free.

These elements to online marketing are the foundation of promotion and positioning. As time goes by and all the puzzle pieces come together, you will get a bigger picture and you will be able to build a stronger brand.