The Best Ways To Become a Well-Trained And Certified Coach!


Year after year, more and more coaches are appearing on the market. You need to be aware of one thing – many of them have not been trained or certified by international coaching associations.

Quality is what you should be looking for, not low price. Coaching is not something that can be learned in two days; it actually takes a series of trainings and constant improvements for you to be able to say for yourself that you are an excellent coach. You are striving for excellence, aren’t you?

Make sure that in the program you choose, you acquire methodology with which you will be able to direct clients towards their final goal and make them results–oriented. Learn how to ask effective questions and questions that lead to motivation enhancement; how to achieve balance and good communication combined with actively listening to your client; how to develop your clients’ innovativeness and strategic thinking. What also matters is practice, not only theory -- theory is something you can read in a book, but what matters is that you find a coach that will demonstrate the practical side of coaching to you and that will help you recognize the mistakes you make.

It is very important that you give your trust to the international experts in coaching training. Many programs give you some knowledge regarding coaching and how to work with people, but they don’t give you concrete coaching tools that you can use in your work. Therefore, the first step for you is to support yourself with training from the best ICF certified coaches , because ICF is the biggest international coaching association, comprised of more than 20,000 coaches worldwide, with almost 80 of them in Austria. Pick the best for yourself and be sure that you can say to your clients that you have a quality background.

Why is it important for a coach to be certified?

After training, the next step is certification. Whether you want to start your own business or gain your title as a real professional coach, it is important that you get certified at the right place.

Certification is important because:

  • A certificate lends credibility to your knowledge and experience in the area of coaching. In order to become a certified coach, you need to have a certain number of hours in conducted sessions (100 hours is necessary for the first level of the ICF certificate). Through that, you show your clients that you are relevant, that you have the knowledge – then you will work with clients who recognize your quality.
  • Clients think that certification is an important factor that helps them to choose the right coach. According to various surveys, more than 60% of people ask whether their coach has been certified by a relevant institution.
  • If you are interested in business coaching and working with companies, most of them require an ICF certificate as a necessary condition for cooperation.
  • As a certified coach, you can provide services to a greater number of clients, and that gives you the ability to adjust the prices of your sessions in order to increase your income.
  • Clients will recommend you to their contacts more often if you are a certified coach. We are faced with a lot of amateurs these days who call themselves coaches, and that is why many people are demanding some sort of certification.

Keep in mind why is it important to be educated by top-notch trainers and be certified by ICF. Be different, become one of the best. Find out more about coaching in our blog section. We recommend you the following blogs:

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