Coaching Literatur

The Inner Dynamics of Coaching

by Marilyn Atkinson, Ph.D and Rae T. Chois, MCC

Your Journey – Enter into a deep and provocative conversation with yourself about your life and personal aims. These are the first steps in holding transformational coaching conversations. The goal is to support you in beginning to understand the theoretical framework and developing the skills to enjoy transformational conversations with yourself and others.

Step By Step Coaching

by Marilyn Atkinson, Ph,.D and Rae T. Chois, MCC

Your Mastery as a Coach – Effective coaching and transformational conversations. This second book offers skill development practice with the coaching arrow, a metaphor for clarifying and detailing an effective coaching conversation. In the same way as the diamond from Book One assisted with understanding the macro elements, the coaching arrow in Book Two assists the reader to detail and sequence the micro elements of an effective coaching conversation.

FLOW. The Core of Coaching

by Marilyn Atkinson, Ph.D

Your Self Discovery as a Coach – The quality of a powerful flow state is inner aliveness, a strong sense of perceived value in an activity, and a transformative connection between you, your actions, and what you create as the outer world. In flow awareness, you feel authoritative and free to choose, yet spontaneous and authentic. There’s energetic engagement that is totally trustworthy. In this way, the flow of perceived value naturally opens into self-awareness and self-appreciation. We relax into this and deeply enjoy the moment, no matter what is happening.

Transformational Metaphors

by Marilyn Atkinson, Ph.D

Creating Transformational Metaphors is the accumulation of 30 years of teaching in 40 countries. One of Marilyn’s signature styles when completing a module of training is the telling of a captivating and transformational story. This book takes you to the heart of her passion and vision of those stories.

Written for coaches and coach trainers, for use with individuals and groups, Creating Transformational Metaphors gives you the tools and examples you need to be able to create and develop bespoke metaphors unique to your clients. By creating personalized metaphors for your clients directly, you can expand the choice of solutions, cutting through to the patterns of your clients. Learn to use advanced metaphors to link people to the key principles that inspire, open, and deeply expand their awareness. With a consciousness metaphor: We learn to share our experiences in a way that can create similar success with others. We show how people learn and grow.