Apply For A 100% Scholarship For The Erickson Coach Training


Coaching For Successful And Efficient Leadership

ITO’s and Erickson’s vision is to support personal growth and to create positive transformation. We want to support leaders and offer a 100% scholarship for the Erickson Coach Training “The Art and Science of Coaching” this autumn.

In times of paradigm shift and concurrence of different generations it is very important, in particular in the professional context, to enhance communication and leadership skills in order to bring vision to life and create a connection to the true values.

Nowadays, it is not enough for leaders just to achieve their goals. Being able to motivate others, to help them use their full potential, to be efficient and productive at a constant, high level and, at the same time, being happy and satisfied are the challenges a leaders face these days. Leaders now need different skills and knowledge in the field of communication, coaching and mentoring.

Coaching is one of the instruments which organisations all over the world use. By implementing coaching as a leadership tool, the leaders can create a new corporate culture which promotes empathy, creativity, self-awareness and result oriented development.

Erickson Coach Training “The Art and Science of Coaching”

“The Art and Science of Coaching” is a Coach Training Program developed by Erickson International and accredited by the International Coach federation (ICF). It is designed to allow you to achieve mastery in coaching. The course is in English and ideal for those who want to benefit from coaching techniques developed and proven in practice. For more information visit our web page.

Apply for 100% scholarship!

We offer for our autumn course one 100% scholarship (Module I- IV) for leaders valued 6.000 €.


  1. Completed MBA study

  2. At least two years of professional experience

  3. Holding a leadership position (as a team leader, project leader etc.)

  4. Short description of a coaching project: how would you implement the coaching knowledge and skills in your professional life and contribute to establishing coaching as a leadership tool?

Application process:

  1. Send us a short CV and a description of your Coaching Project to by September 3rd, 2017, 6.00 pm

  2. Participants who meet the criteria will be asked to fill in an online questionnaire

  3. We will choose live on Facebook ( the scholarship winner on September 5th, 2017 and the successful candidate will be informed via e-mail.